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    Jeffrey Dean Morgan reata com Mary-Louise Parker

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    Data de inscrição : 22/04/2009
    Mensagens : 946
    Humor : Altíssimo astral
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    Jeffrey Dean Morgan reata com Mary-Louise Parker

    Mensagem por Mãe Coruja em Seg 27 Abr 2009 - 6:53

    Jeffrey voltou com Mary - Louise Parker

    Still Hot: Mary-Louise Parker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan's Concert Cuddling
    Reconciliation never looked so sweet. Reunited lovebirds Mary-Louise Parker and Jeffrey Dean Morgan left the kids at home Friday night, heading to a concert in Los Angeles for some adult fun.
    "They came in both wearing leather jackets, really low-key," a concertgoer tells RadarOnline. "At one point, Jeffrey nuzzled her as he whispered into her ear and then planted a kiss on her. It was intimate and sweet."
    Clearly there as Parker's plus one, Morgan contentedly sat watching as she got into the music, swaying in her seat and heartily laughing at musician Josh Ritter's jokes.
    Halfway through the concert, it was Parker's turn to lay on the affection, sweetly placing her head on his shoulder.
    Adds the onlooker: "They were clearly very comfortable with each other. You can tell by the way they talk to each other that they're best friends too."
    Fonte: http://www.radaronline.com/exclusives/2009/04/still-hot-mary-louise-parker-and-jeffrey-dean-morgans-concert-cuddling

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